Chill 2

This is the second chill mix. This series is laid back and pretty slow, although some tracks can get a bit interesting like the last one by Afro Celt Soundsystem. This is a good mix to put on with the lights low and sit back with a glass of wine. It is not overty sexy but it does set a mood. For more sexy mixes please check out the Sexy(I-III) mixes.

As with all of the other mixes on my site, this is a DJ resume not a free music service; please do not ask for individual tracks. Also do not distribute these or hotlink directly to them.

Chill2 Mix (MP3/128Kbps/VBR)
Chill2 Mix, preview (MP3/48Kbps/VBR)

Track Artist
Theme From The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex Coil
Graciosa moby
Walking on the beach Amok
Sleep Conjure One
Iridian Dhol Foundation
Holle Ivoux
Into Morroco Enigma & Deep Forest
Halcyon & On & On Orbital
The Snake Mediaeval Baebes
De Profundis [Out of the Depths of Sorrow] Dead Can Dance
Solaris Juno Reactor
Risingson (Underworld Mix) Massive Attack
Here, In Shadow Bel Canto
Easy Dr Didg
The Silken Whip Afro Celt Sound System