P.O.E. (Purity of Essense)

This mashup comes out of the newly emerging Tribal-Industrial genre. This Morn' Omina always comes to mind. Medicine Drum is Tribal-Trance but with the addition of a distortion filter matches up quite well.

The Tenet(s) of On has a really huge intro that just so happens is the same length as Skin Up (Medicine Drum). Laying them over each other gives a really great but a little sparse track. That got me thinking of a dub mix. Dr. Strangelove is a great movie for quotes since there wasn't much mood music in the background.

The track takes us from the discovery of the Doomsday Machine to the Communist Conspiricy to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids. It ends with the classic Slim Pickens riding the bomb down :)

P.O.E. - (Dr. Strangelove vs. Medicine Drum vs. This Morn' Omina (djpet mashup dub mix).mp3 (MP3/128Kbps/CBR)