Triphop 1

This is the first triphop mix. Triphop has a slow breakbeat and originated in Bristol England with Massive Attack, Tricky eventually went off and formed his own solo band. Portishead is also one of the first triphop groups. Eventually things moved over to Iceland with GusGus, Bjork, and Emiliana Torrini. While Triphop has been around for quite some time newer bands are always popping up. As the beats got more and more pronounced the roots of Drum and Bass started to emerge.

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Triphop1 Mix (MP3/128Kbps/VBR)
Triphop1 Mix, preview (MP3/48Kbps/VBR)

Track Artist
Karmacoma (Portishead Exp.) Massive Attack
You Don't Tricky
Sur Tes Pas (Corny Dream Mix) Autour de Lucie
Teenage Sensation Gus Gus
It Could Be Sweet Portishead
Rematerialised Death in Vegas
Inner City Life Goldie
Down Slow Moby
The Outsider Mono
Black Milk Massive Attack
Underground Sneaker Pimps
Sweet Surrender (Roni Size Mix v2) Sarah McLachlan
Tuna Fish Emiliana Torrini
Army Of Me Björk
If Things Were Perfect Moby
Wandering Star Portishead
Overcome Tricky
Risingson Massive Attack
Cover Me (Dillinja Mix) Bjork
Blue Mug Gus Gus
Here with Me Dido