80 Minute Sets

This is a DJ resume not a free music service; please do not ask for individual tracks. Also do not distribute these or hotlink directly to them. This is my work, please do not use my mixes at your gigs

Each mix is designed to fit on a single CD and showcase a genre. They are all beatmatched and each transition is hand done.

  • Electro House Mix 1
  • International Dub A.M. Mix
  • Genre Benders 1 - Nothing Off Limits
  • Tribal Mix 1
  • Electro I - Dirty Mix
  • Triphop I Mix
  • Chill II Mix
  • Synthpop I - Club Mix
  • Synthpop II
  • Industrial I - Angel and the Demons Mix
  • Industrial IV - Industrial Women Mix
  • Mega & Promo Sets

    These are some extra long sets for you to listen to while you are supposed to be working :)

  • DJ Pet's Impulse ElectroHouse & Dubstep Promo Mix (80 min)[NEW!]
  • Lush Promo Mix (5 hr)[Lush is now defunct]
  • remixes/mashups

    Feel free to use these on your gigs but make sure to list me on your online setlists.

  • Annie's Midnight Terror [DJpet mashup] - NEW
  • Come On Up and Try My New Trekka [djpet mashup]
  • People Are Still Having Hate Sex Around The World [djpet mashup]
  • Dance Dance Zydrate Anatomy [djpet mashup]
  • Combichrist Is Not Your Whore Mega Mix [djpet Mix]
  • P.O.E. (Purity of Essence) DJpet Mashup Mix
  • Bela Lugosi's Dead (DJpet Raven Mix)
  • The Earl (DJpet Godzilla Mix)
  • Tetsujin (DJpet Learn Japanese Mix)
  • High Energy Protons (DJpet Learn Japanese Mix)
  • Communication/Aur'Elie (DJpet Moshi Moshi Mix)